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Tent Manufactures

At Struqta, providing durable and affordable tent structures is our main aim. Depending on client needs, we provide temporary and permanent tent solutions, at the same time uncompromising on the quality of our products and services.

Regarded as one of the most trusted tent manufacturers in Qatar, we provide various tents to meet the requirements of our clients. Our range of services include manufacture and supply of permanent and temporary tent structures. We ensure that our tents are weather proof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Aluminium Tents

Aluminum tent solutions for permanent and temporary requirements for warehouses, hangars, workshops, event venues and projects.

Tents for Mobile Halls

Struqta has been in the forefront in providing durable and aesthetically designed mobile tent halls. We offer a variety of designs in mobile tent halls.

Types of Tents

With a wide range of fabrics, designs and structures to choose from, our clients are spoilt for choice.

1. Gazebo Tents

Small tents with open sides usually used at open outdoor events.

2. Pinnacle Tents

Designed with a high peak center mast supported by cross cables extending from each corner fitting, maximizing the usable space underneath

3. Bow Shape

Usually an arch shape, these tents are used for outdoor camping events

4. Crook Tents

Smooth curved elegant and luxury tent structures for festival, events, trade shows, sports and others.

5. Neo Tents

We manufacturers tent and supply smooth curved elegant tent structures that can be used in festival occasion , events, trade shows, sports and others that gives rich experience.

6. Bespoke Tents

Regarded as one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacture and installation of bespoke tents. Bespoke tents at
Struqta are highly customizable and are designed according to client specifications and quality standards.

7. Dome Tents

Smooth curved elegant tent structures for festival, events, trade shows, sports and others

8. Swirl Tents

With an aluminium framework, these swirl tents are ideal for large structures

9. Cocoon Tents

Used for camping purpose, used mainly by Hotels, Resorts, Event organizers. Convinent and simple to set up.

10. BI Level Tents

Our Arabic tents and majlis are designed keeping in mind the rich Arabian culture and heritage

Tent Properties

All our tents come in various colors, designs, shapes and sizes. We offer customized tent solutions to our clients


Tension fabric structures aren’t erected overnight, but they sure can go up fast.
■ Tension fabric structures have very few components,
■ It can take only a matter of weeks to erect one.
■ After the steel sections and fabric membrane fabrication is complete, a logistics team works on
shipping all materials to the site
■ An installation means and methods is developed to make sure the structure is properly installed with
as minimal time
But there are basically six steps to the installation phase.

1. Mobilization

2. Establish Work Zone and Access

3. Confirm Interfaces

4. Steel Erection

5. Membrane Installation

6. Detailing

Manufacturing & Fabrication

The fabrication component involves constructing the materials that will ultimately
comprise your fabric structure. This includes developing instructions for the installation and creating protocols for quality control and inspections. It also includes a review process for qualifying the specialty fabric, steel and cable constructors.

Structure Design

Load effect analysis and design of supporting structure

1. The visual effects of nodes and connections are related to people’s aesthetic perception of space and the expression of social and cultural values. We make sure structural logic and art contribute to the nodes and connection designs as they are the key to the overall structural design. 

2. We use professional Finite Element Analysis software to perform simulation analysis of each node and verify its strength. When designing the structure, the surrounding environment conditions should be integrated to output the best safe, economical, and aesthetic results

Achitectural Design

The goal of membrane construction is to create the perfect art building and the most cost-effective! We have a professional team to provide your project with a comprehensive solution that is artistic, economical, and eco-friendly


Each custom tension structure must be certified by engineering. Our experienced
architects and engineers analyze the design with a special software that can design fabric membranes, cables, and steel frames. We also consider the external inputs of natural climates such as wind, rain, and other related loads to ensure safety, feasibility, optimization and economy, long-term reliability of the tents or tensile.

Project Management

Every member of the Struqta team is well qualified and has experience to manage small scale and complex tensile structure projects.

◆ A dedicated project manager is assigned to every tensile structure project.
◆ All the industry standards are strictly followed
◆ Our employees demonstrate a health and safety practice inside our manufacturing unit .
◆ Not only do we assign a dedicated project manager to every tensile structure project We allow our clients to oversee the process and discuss about their project anytime and at whatever stage

Sustainable Design

our tents and tensile are manufactured keeping in mind sustainable design. We use non-renewable resources, minimize environmental impact in terms of three main components: Design, Materials, and Construction. Our fabric structures also contribute to Lead Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) credits, in categories such as: daylighting, innovative design, and reduced and recyclable material usage

Conceptual Design

Our Design Development Department (DDD) provides advanced design capabilities to our clients by utilizing sophisticated 3D/CAD rendering and animation software to develop cutting edge architectural renderings. Preliminary engineering analysis is made to determine if the structure is stable, whether the membrane is shaped correctly, and if it is over-stressed or in a position to pond to ensure our clients are provided with the best tent and utensils in terms of quality and durability