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Struqta is a complete steel construction solution provider that allows multiple applications across commercial and residential sectors. Prefab buildings are the next level of innovation comes the practical product that Struqta Doha is manufacturing according to the international standards and meets all safety and security conditions. We could undoubtedly say that the sole reason behind getting continuous client preference to us is our service high-quality prefab solutions with the utmost professionalism in service and maintenance within the client’s budget for all types of office, storage, accommodations, and accommodation-related facilities. In addition, we are offering on-demand, a complete solution including HVAC, electricity, sanitation, and other facilities.

How We Do It ?

1. Custom design solutions

Our structural designs of LGSFS are based on relevant Indian and international standards and also their design complies with the exact regulatory requirement to the particular area. Our design team will clearly demonstrate structural integrity and stability including connection details.

2. Manufacturing

Struqta steel production is fully automated and synchronized as per design and engineering and is manufactured out of min. 0.95 mm pre-treated factory finished hot dipped GI high tensile steel sheet (AZ 150 GSM Aluminum zinc alloy coated steel and has a yield strength of 550MPA).

Residential units

Commercial and industrial units

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Mobile factory solutions

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Hybrid system

Products Under Prefab Buildings 

Our team ensures requirement regarding safety and stability against earthquake, cyclone, floods, etc by using our precision design and engineering software for CFS construction including all load conditions like live load, dead load, wind load, earthquake load, etc and this information will be then loaded to the roll forming machines wherein this thin steel sheets will be cold-rolled into profiles and sections. These profiles will then be assembled for actual design and the construction of analyzed structures.

The GI coils are cold rolled into automated steel framing machines to form C or U channels of 0.55 mm to 1.55 mm thickness in required length as per structural design requirements, duly punched with dimple slots at required locations as per approved drawings.

These slots are along the center line of the web and shall be placed at 250 mm min. away from both edges of the member. The frame shall be supplied in specified dimensions and fastened with a metal strip of 25 mm x 25 mm x 0.50 mm to both adjoining walls.

3. Inspections & testing

Struqta has got necessary manufacturing and test facilities to produce the required components as per design and specifications. Inspections and test is done at the appropriate stages of the manufacturing process in terms of size, type, mechanical properties, spacing, material thickness, etc.

The inspected sections are stored and packed to ensure that no damage occurs during transportation. As part of QA, regular in-process inspections are carried out by the trained personnel to ensure that our raw materials and finished goods are found to be as per specifications.

4. Logistics and unloading

Our logistics team ensures all panels are properly packaged and stored for safe and timely delivery. Members and panels for each floor are unloaded and stacked so that they are in the necessary sequence for erection.

Panels are protected from high winds and sharp impact and usually set starting at one corner of the building and proceeding to a clockwise fashion. As the material is unloaded, it can be stored conveniently around the site.

5. Fixing and erection

After the foundation and plinth constructed as per the requirement, panels are assembled on-site with screws and bolts to form the internal and separating walls and inner leaf of the external walls of a building and floors & ceiling.

According to the erection drawings, wall locations are surveyed and marked on the surface of the foundation properly. Erection of the panels consists of alignment, nailing, and anchoring the wall to the foundation. The building is completed by the superior insulation, wall and roof cladding ceiling, flooring, MEP works (mechanical electrical and plumping works), fixing of doors and windows.

6. Maintenance and after sales service

It is assumed that no extra or special maintenance is required during the intended working life of the structure build. Should repairs prove necessary, it shall ably be carried out by the trained persons using appropriate products and materials. These structures can be regularly cleaned and painted.

LGSF-"Smart Step For Smart Building"

We provide whole structure solutions for your construction project with an innovative and reliable construction technology- LGSFS light gauge steel framework system, right from custom design solutions to manufacture and complete the installation. With an established history as an efficient and cost-effective technology, we have now specialized in the LGSF system for both bespoke residential and commercial projects.

Our Steel Structures

Struqta is one of the leading steel building product manufacturer and complete solution providers in steel construction aiming to build a better and sustainable world.

Struqta steel is our next major division with global operations spanning over the Middle East and India. We have been specialized in the manufacturing of custom prefabs with LGSF/CSF (light gauge steel framework) technology, hybrid construction with hot rolled steel (HRS), and its delivery and erection on site.

We always watch over that our LGS/ CFS structures, HRS structures are provided with the client is at the best price with unparalleled quality, faster occupancy, and lesser cost and time.

Our lightweight but high tensile member steels are manufactured to ASTM standards, and they are metal coated with zinc, al- zinc.

The LGS frames shall be manufactured in a factory and assembled into LGSF wall structures and then transported to the construction site and erected wall by wall on a pre-built concrete floor as per the floor plan of the building.