Parking Shades

Parking Shades

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Our parking shades are custom-built to your premise needs, and they are perfect for retail operations, hotels, sports complexes, resorts, and even for residential parking shades.

Wind speed resistance

160 km/h

Snow load                       

Up to 175 kg/sq m

Other features                 

Steel structure

Struqta offers a variety of parking solutions. Our team uses state–of–the–art technology to give you technical excellence as well as aesthetic splendor.  Our parking shades offer maximum shades for your parking lots and car parks with minimal physical obstruction.


Cantilever top support

Cantilever bottom support

Arch shape

Umbrella shape

These predesigned Membrane shade structures represent our best value products. Please know that all our products are available in different sizes and colors and can be tailored to your exact specifications with some additional customized design and engineering work.

Fabric used:

PVC, PVDF, or HDPE with the highest UV Protection or other fabrics suiting the design requirements.

Cantilever Car Parking shade structures are ideal for venues where the shaded area needs to remain free of columns.

Cantilever Bottom Support. Our dual-column curve shades are a great solution for shading car due to the space between columns.

A wide variety of umbrella car parking shade options are available to you, Shape Shaded Parking Shade Canopies For Carport Shades.

Arch Parking Shades. It is a modern design in Cone shape parking shades that can withstand severe storms and stay intact. It gives beautiful.