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Project Management

We can rapidly deliver your project completely, by assisting right from architecture and design part to complete installation with interior and exterior furnishings.

Architecture and Design

Engineering and Manufacturing

Construction and Installation

Maintenance and After Sales Service

Tent Sales And Rental

Delivers bespoke turnkey temporary structures for the event, business, warehouse, restaurants,  mess halls, any emergency purpose at any location both on a rental basis and full ownership. Tents or the mobile halls are one among the mainstream products of Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems , getting continuous client preference. 

Parking Shades

Our parking shades are custom-built to your premise needs, and they are perfect for retail operations, hotels, sports complexes, resorts, and even residential parking shades. Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems offers a variety of parking solutions. Our team uses state–of–the–art technology to give you technical excellence as well as aesthetic splendor. 

Membrane Structures

Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems offers you the design-build custom membrane structures designed to international building codes for roofs, shades, and facades, etc. Our membrane structures are the most common type of thin-shell shelters possessing abnormal strength and stiffness to withstand any amount of loads and proven to be the most versatile and cost-effective solution. 

Event Support Service

We aim to provide a better and elegant interior and exterior by providing furnishings and accessories. Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems can assist you if you are looking for an event management service by delivering you a wide range of interiors and exterior accessories and facilities according to your need. 

Prefab Structures

Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems is a complete steel construction solution provider that allows multiple applications across commercial and residential sectors. Prefab buildings are the next level of innovation comes the practical product that Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems is manufacturing according to the international standards and meets all safety and security conditions. 

Reasons Why Fabric Structures Outperforms Traditional Structures

The fabric structures manufactured by Struqta Tents and Tensile Systems offer numerous benefits to its end-user when compared to the traditional building structures by being portable, strong, and much more versatile. The modern advancements of fabric structures in its manufacturing and engineering along with the proof of use even in the harshest environment have significantly improved the confidence level attached to fabric structures. According to the change in requirements, these structures can be delivered like temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent shelter solutions.

Immediate shelter:

Fabric structures can be a temporary come immediate shelter solution, suppose the client party doesn’t own the land on which the shelter has to be buildup and also have a shortage of time. In addition, these structures can be built on any type of land as it won’t create any issues regarding the legal permits to construct.


Flexible :

These structures have the ability to integrate the structure to get the shape or size needed without any compromise on the quality. Employing a wide variety of fabric types, we can create any imaginable shape or form in any size which suits to client’s design and budget. More specifically, it possesses a unique ability that can be easily reconfigured each time according to changing business requirements like an extension or alteration with lesser possible time and expense compared to traditional building.

Rapid deployment:

It would only take a few hours too few days to install the structure as they are designed to be easily installed by first time installers, using comprehensive guidelines provided. In short, one of the key attractions of a fabric shelter is the speed with which it can be ordered, delivered to the site, and installed.

Long life structures with less maintenance cost:

Ensure the rapid deployment of equipment with long life as they are manufactured from fine aluminum, steel, and PVC membranes with premium quality along with less maintenance cost. Fabric structures ensure protection from corrosion even in the worst weather condition, as they have undergone all the tests checking resistance to high winds, rain, heat, and snow as per international standards.


Fabric structures are quite convenient to assemble or dismantle, as they are designed and installed in such a way along with the ability to access new forms in the future if needed. Hence, these structures can be ideal solutions for shutdown projects.

Another major reason why the building envelope of a fabric structure is superior to that of a steel structure is that they are really cost-effective. They tend to typically involve a lot less planning architecturally, their material list is not as expensive and can be constructed in much less time
In addition, fabric buildings are translucent and tend to let natural light in, this is another great way to cut your energy cost. These buildings can also be transparent as per the client's requirement.
Fabric structures can anchor securely to any level of the surface, hence they don’t need to be built on foundations made of solid concrete, which can save on the overall cost.

Customizable shelter:

Customization of fabric buildings can be widely varied in terms of colors as well as storage facilities, insulation, lighting, roofing, other interiors, and even cooling and heating systems.

Safety is paramount. Fabric buildings are UV safe, fire retardant, and have resistance to corrosion, so the building owner experiences less downtime and costs due to maintenance and replacement. The custom tensioned membrane structure in PVC, HDPE, PTFE, and ETFE fabrics and aluminum and steel alloy using for fabric structures are well suited for any kind of simulation of weather, high winds, and rains, even resistance to earthquakes.

Safe and stable:

Fabric structures are the most updated and space utilizing structures that can be innovatively designed and engineered as per the client requirements along with an aesthetic interior and exterior that is radical and striking to look at, while at the same time offering outstanding comfort and safety.

Aesthetic view: