Event Support Service

Event Support Service

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We aim to provide a better and elegant interior and exterior by providing furnishings and accessories. Struqta can assist you if you are looking for an event management service by delivering you a wide range of interiors and exterior accessories and facilities according to your need.

Products Under Event Support

1. Interior furnishings

Our interior furnishing facility comprises seating arrangements like chairs, leather sofas, tables both for industrial and event purpose, carpets, internal drapes, curtains, lightning.

2. Exterior solutions

Exterior furnishing products range like lounge sitting, reception desks, crowd controls, decor, outdoor furniture and accessories.

3. Electricity service supply

Our shelter solutions comes complete with electricity supply for lightnings, HVAC, heaters, audiovisual systems.

Optional Services

Flooring & Carpets

Doors & Windows

Access Supplies




Interior Furnishings

We offer an engineered flooring system that helps in the ground leveling also a variety of premium quality carpets for indoor and outdoor purposes.

All types of doors and windows are provided to ensure natural light and ventilation and keep the air-conditioned structure at a comfortable temperature

Ramps can be added in order to ensure safe accessibility.

Sanitary Supplies

Sanitary Supplies related to your space are provided and Hight Quality drainage PVC pipes and all related connections ensuring a leakproof drainage connection.

We have a variety of choices of light to make your venue more colorful.

Air Conditioning units are available for all kinds of tents and structures.

Variety of chairs ranging from padded chairs to plastic ones.

We design the furnishings to suit your space and provide the best possible options meeting your budget.